Happy Holidays!

There is various news on the Leopard front, so I thought I’d share these items in one post.

News on FileMaker Pro
I reported earlier that FileMaker Pro had not been entirely compatible with Leopard, but that has now changed. FileMaker has released the 9.0v3 patch that brings full compatibility for FileMaker Pro 9, and the 8.5v2 patch that brings substantial compatibility to FileMaker Pro 8.5. (Web publishing does not work in the latter, nor will it ever. For those that need that feature, it’s time to upgrade to v.9.0.) FileMaker Server has not been updated yet so machines that run it should not be upgraded to 10.5. You can get full details here:


Some Leopard Tips
For those of you who have upgraded to Leopard, or about to, there are lots of great features that have not necessarily been documented. On MacWorld’s site, one of the editors has posted a video with a bunch of great tips. Take a look at:


Yes, the guy is a bit of nerd, but his suggestions are quite handy.

The Missing Sync
Mark/Space has released updates to their The Missing Sync software that brings full compatibility with Leopard. As many of you know, I recommend their software highly, so check it out at:


MacWorld Expo in January
While this is not a Leopard-specific item per se, it will likely bring further news next month.

The annual San Francisco MacWorld Expo will be held in early January where, if history is any guide, Apple will be announcing new and revised hardware and software. At this point, if you have a choice, all purchasing plans should be put on hold until after the event.

Not Just Yet…
None of this should not be taken as a blessing to upgrade to Leopard just yet. My recommendation still is to hold off if you can.

[Written by Kem Tekinay]