I will be on vacation starting Saturday, May 12 and returning on Tuesday, May 29.

I’ll be traveling to Gotham City where I plan to fight crime at night while wearing a latex mask and inappropriate tights. As I am not particularly fond of heights and bruise easily, my contribution will probably be limited to driving around and yelling at kids to get off the lawn while trying to keep the cape I’m sitting on from strangling me, but at least I’ll be “doing something”. Or I’ll just stay in the cave and watch old movies while being served tea by a demented butler, I haven’t decided.

During my absence, Ed Covelli will be handling all emergencies and performing minor miracles. As he is particularly gifted, you can reach him by thinking really hard about gorgonzola cheese, or, if ethereal communication is outside your skill set, can e-mail or call him at 212/201-1465.

[Written by Kem Tekinay]