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RegExRX Privacy Policy
posted on September 3, 2019

Apple now requires that apps link to the developer’s “privacy policy”.

First some terms. “RegExRX” means any version of the RegExRX application. “Mac App Store version” means the version of RegExRX that is available exclusively through the Mac App Store. “Standalone version” means the version of RegExRX that is available through the Downloads page on this site. “This site” means the MacTechnologies Consulting web site and its related pages, but excludes any other [...]

Avoiding wake-from-sleep crashes with the TouchBar MacBook Pro
posted on January 7, 2017

Man this new MacBook Pro is nice. It’s light, fast, cool, sharp, and its keyboard is the best of the “flat” variety. Even the TouchBar is surprisingly useful.

But what’s this? Whenever it woke from sleep, some apps almost always crashed, including my own RegExRX. What’s that about?

Setting up an OpenVPN server on a Raspberry Pi
posted on October 14, 2016

I needed a VPN server.

Well, that’s not exactly true. I had a VPN server through software running on my everyday Mac. I had set it up years ago using voodoo tricks I gleaned from the Internet, and happily used it to protect my data whenever I was connected to a public network. It worked like a charm, but only if my desktop Mac was not asleep. This was not an issue when I had a Mac Pro that was always awake, but became problematic when I replaced it with an iMac that slept after 10 minutes. If I forgot to turn off its snoozing before I left the premises, I was out of luck. So I needed a better VPN server.

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