One of the problems with previous incarnations of iMovie HD is that it would only work with Firewire-based camcorders. Fortunately, that restriction has been lifted with the version of iMovie that comes with iLife ’08 which works properly with camcorders that use USB 2.0, even those labeled for Windows only.

Naturally this does not mean that every camcorder will work with the new version so you should check with the manufacturer to be sure, but it does open the field to additional models, especially since more and more units have USB 2.0 built-in, and fewer are shipping with Firewire.

For more details, look here:

For some information and tutorials on using iMovie, see Apple’s site here:

If you need more information about using iMovie, consult the Help menu in the program itself, or get the book, “iMovie ’08 & iDVD: The Missing Manual”. (I recommend this by reputation only as I have not read it myself.)

The Amazon link to that book is:

[Written by Kem Tekinay]