Last man standing, no more

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When I first started MacTechnologies, there were limited options for staying in touch. Back in the day, e-mail was for universities and scientists, and cell phones were the stuff of science fiction so, to facilitate contact, I carried around a pager. It was a simple concept, and common too, that someone would dial a phone number, enter their own phone number, and this tiny device hanging from my belt would somehow get my attention.

Times have changed, of course, and now people stare in amazement at the once-ubiquitous technological wonder of yesteryear. But my clients were still comfortable with it, and it did the job. That is, until recently.

I now find that this once-indispensable device is reliable about 10% of the time, and I have been directing everyone to my main office number instead. The time has come to finally pull the plug.

As of now, my pager number (917/491-5546) will no longer be active. To reach me, please call the main number (212/201-1465) and leave a message, or drop me an e-mail, IM or fax (914/242-7294).

Eddie on vacation

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Ed Covelli will be taking a rare vacation starting next week. I understand that he will be going to an undisclosed location where the secret government scientists that created him will rebuild him from scratch, replacing each part with modern updates that will make him better, stronger, faster and more realistic looking than ever. Or he’s going golfing, I don’t know, I wasn’t really listening.

What I do know is that he will be leaving on July 6 and returning to work on July 22. During that time, I will be available to assist you, and you can reach me in the usual ways, like calling the main number at 212/201-1465.

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