RegExRX Privacy Policy

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Apple now requires that apps link to the developer’s “privacy policy”.

First some terms. “RegExRX” means any version of the RegExRX application. “Mac App Store version” means the version of RegExRX that is available exclusively through the Mac App Store. “Standalone version” means the version of RegExRX that is available through the Downloads page on this site. “This site” means the MacTechnologies Consulting web site and its related pages, but excludes any other sites that may be referenced or linked.

So here is the policy in a nutshell: RegExRX does not collect data. Not personal data, not anonymous data, not at all. Period.

The only interaction the Mac App Store version permits outside your machine is downloading the Samples from this site, and that is done entirely anonymously the same as if you had visited this site through a browser and clicked the download link yourself.

The standalone version does that too, but also checks for updates and brings you to this site as a convenience.

This site may collect anonymous data that is used entirely for analytics and the like. This information is not disseminated to anyone else for any reason. The site’s host (GoDaddy) may or may not collect data that is outside our control so see their policies for additional information.

Registrations of the standalone version are logged in a database and all e-mail inquiries and responses are saved, but none of this is made available to any third party for any reason.

No credit card or other financial data is collected at any time. No medical or other personal data either beyond what is submitted via email or during the standalone registration process. In other words, if you choose to reveal your mother’s maiden name or social security number while requesting help, it will be saved in our archives, but it’s not going anywhere else. (This is strongly discouraged and would be a bit strange anyway.)

This policy has been in effect since the inception of MacTechnologies Consulting. While it is subject to change without notice, such changes will be clearly marked and described.

And now for something completely different

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As of February 1, 2014, I will no longer be doing day-to-day consulting.

I started in this business in 1992 with just my love of computers in general and Macs specifically. Along the way, I’ve met a lot of great people, many of whom I now count among my friends, and enjoyed much success. But after almost 22 years, it feels like it’s time for a change.

I won’t be closing down MacTechnologies, nor will I be vanishing, but the time has come to focus on projects that I’ve wanted to pursue for some time.

I have prepared a list of other consultants in the area if you’d like it, and I’ll be available to assist in the transition. I’ll still be posting news here that is of importance to the Mac community and, if you’re a developer, you can also check out my column in xDev Magazine.

I want to thank you all for making my run such a fine and enjoyable one, and hope to hear from you from time to time, just to say “hi”.

Another vacation

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I am taking some time off, by which I mean I will be stepping into a time vortex. Although for me it will happen in the blink of an eye, I will not exist in your time-space continuum until I emerge on August 19, without any rest or relaxation, and probably with messy hair.

If you need assistance in the meantime, please contact us here or call the office at 212-201-1465.

Hi ho, hi ho, off to vacation I go

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It’s that time of year again when I head off to an undeserved break from my life of leisure and frivolity. This time, we will be taking a train to Fiji where we will climb Mount Everest, then skydive from its peak to the depth of the Grand Canyon. Upon landing, we will take a boat to the Louvre via Pearl Harbor, and finally walk through Rio De Janeiro while viewing the Northern Lights.

I will be returning on April 29. In my absence, Ed Covelli will be handling emergencies, and you can reach him here.

Off to vacation on Saturday

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I will be on vacation starting Saturday, May 12 and returning on Tuesday, May 29.

I’ll be traveling to Gotham City where I plan to fight crime at night while wearing a latex mask and inappropriate tights. As I am not particularly fond of heights and bruise easily, my contribution will probably be limited to driving around and yelling at kids to get off the lawn while trying to keep the cape I’m sitting on from strangling me, but at least I’ll be “doing something”. Or I’ll just stay in the cave and watch old movies while being served tea by a demented butler, I haven’t decided.

During my absence, Ed Covelli will be handling all emergencies and performing minor miracles. As he is particularly gifted, you can reach him by thinking really hard about gorgonzola cheese, or, if ethereal communication is outside your skill set, can e-mail or call him at 212/201-1465.

Eddie away next week

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Ed Covelli will be away next week, starting tomorrow, April 16, and returning on Monday, April 25.

Eddie will be swimming from New York to Africa where he will hike to, then climb, Mount Kilimanjaro. At the peak he will build a small eatery called “Elmo’s” from materials he’ll bring along in a backpack, local materials, and snow. Once complete, and directly after the dessert course, he will retrace his climb, hike and swim back to New York, backwards this time so casual observers will think he’s doing it all again.

Having already climbed Mount Kilimanjaro several times myself, I will remain behind to assist in all matters great and mundane. You can reach me at the office number of 212/201-1465 or via e-mail.

Back later than planned

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Due to circumstances entirely within my control, I will be returning from my vacation on Wednesday, April 6, not Monday, April 4 as originally planned.

Believe me, I am as upset about this as you must be. I mean, who wants to spend extra days relaxing, dining and generally enjoying themselves when they could come back to work? Not me! I argued, I screamed, I cried and bargained, all to no avail. The problem, you see, is my wife who had the temerity to say “yes” when I first suggested extending our stay. Blame her for being so agreeable.

Until my eventual return, Ed Covelli stands by to assist and can still be reached by phone at 212/201-1465 or via e-mail here.

Going away for a while

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Due to a medical condition, I will be away starting the evening of Tuesday, March 22 and returning on Monday, April 4.

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Closed on Wednesday, limited availability tomorrow

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Glenn RitzelWe at MacTechnologies lost a friend over the weekend, so we will have limited availability tomorrow, especially in the afternoon, and will not be available at all on Wednesday. All messages and questions received on that day will be addressed at our earliest opportunity starting Thursday.

Thank you for your understanding.

And now for a vacation

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I will be away on vacation starting today and returning on September 20. My wife and I will be traveling to the deserts of Arizona where we will be introduced the joys of cold-air ballooning. We will board the craft this afternoon, and then sit motionless and stationary for approximately two weeks as we get acquainted with the local flora, fauna, wildlife and sand. Our adventure will be capped off by a hearty “I told you so” to the guy who thought up cold-air ballooning in the first place.

As we swelter and dehydrate in the western sun, Ed Covelli stands ready to provide comfort and shade in my absence. He can be reached via e-mail, or at the main office number of 212/201-1465.

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